Paul Makin

Paul Makin is the head of mobile money at Consult Hyperion.

By Paul Makin


Cybersecurity for Mobile Financial Services: A Growing Problem

By the time Jonathon knew something was wrong, all the money in his mobile wallet had been stolen. What happened, and how can providers and policy makers better protect customers like Jonathon from cyber criminals?

6 Things You May Not Know About Biometrics

Biometrics are likely the future of identification and identity verification, but it's important to understand their strengths and limitations to ensure they advance financial inclusion.

The Biometric Balancing Act in Digital Finance

Biometric technologies are facilitating the rise of collaborative customer due diligence. It is crucial to understand all aspects of biometric solutions – security, cost, convenience, inclusiveness and accuracy – and how prioritizing one may come with trade-offs to others.

Digitizing Agriculture Value Chains: Seasonal Cash Flows

Examining the cash flows of coffee and sugar farmers in Uganda for a CGAP-commissioned project revealed a seasonal cycle that is unsuited to monthly accounting practices. There are many ways that financial services could be designed to assist these farmers.

Digitizing Agriculture Value Chains: Building Value for Farmers

While there are clear benefits for buyers in digitized agricultural value chains, but the value proposition is less certain for farmers.