Peter McConaghy

A Canadian national, Peter McConaghy works as a Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank Group. Peter leads technical assistance and investment lending projects aimed at developing inclusive and stable financial sectors across the Middle East and North Africa, with a particular focus on Morocco and Lebanon. Prior to joining the Bank, Peter worked as a Business Development Officer at the First MicroFinance Bank Tajikistan and was the lead researcher and contributing author on the New Microfinance Handbook (World Bank Publications, 2012). 

By Peter McConaghy


Disaster Risk Insurance to Promote Resilience

A growing body of evidence suggests that disaster insurance makes low-income people more resilient to floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. What challenges must be overcome to make disaster insurance more widely available?

The Role of Financial Services in Humanitarian Crises

Humanitarian crises pose a formidable development challenge. While the nature and incidences of these crises vary significantly, they affect millions of people, particularly the most vulnerable.

Towards a More Enabling Legal Framework for Microfinance in Iraq

Four Iraqi MFIs, representing 15% of the market closed their doors in recent years due to conflict in the country. This left 20,000 clients with few other options, as Iraq's financial system remains underdeveloped.

How Speed Dating Led to Progress on Digital Finance in Tunisia

Despite having all the necessary ingredients for digital financial services to take off, less than four percent of Tunisians use mobile financial services. What does it take to move a market beyond stalemate?