Ramesh Karuppusamy

Ramesh Karuppusamy is a managing economist in Nathan Associates’ India office. His focus is on data analytics in financial sector development. Mr. Karuppusamy specializes in survey research and design and statistical and econometric analysis, including analysis of large datasets using statistical and econometric techniques. He has extensive experience on building complex econometric models to develop decision-making tools for various projects. He has over nine years of global experience working in financial inclusion with institutions such as CGAP, the World Bank, DFID, Mercy Corps, Mastercard Foundation, MicroSave, and FSDT.

By Ramesh Karuppusamy


Smallholder Households: Distinct Segments, Different Needs

CGAP research identifies three segments of smallholder households and uses data from nationally representative surveys of smallholder households to outline recommendations on high-value financial solutions.

High-Saving Youth in Smallholder Households: An Untapped Market

Financial service providers can leverage the strong savings habits of youth in smallholder families and their access to mobile phones to develop digital products that better meet their needs and aspirations.