Rebecca Calder

Co-CEO, Kore Global

Rebecca Calder is the Co-CEO of Kore Global. She is a gender and social policy specialist with a PhD in social anthropology and nearly thirty years of policy and field experience in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Rebecca has extensive experience in poverty, social and gender research, analysis and strategy, and has designed and led a number of large multi-country research projects and complex evaluations. Her areas of thematic expertise include women’s economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, gender and social norms, violence against women and girls, and impact investing. In 2021 Rebecca was named by APolitical as one of the most influential people globally in gender policy. She currently sits on the 2X Global Forum. 


By Rebecca Calder


Women Agents for Financial Inclusion: Exploring the Benefits, Constraints, and Potential Solutions

This working paper explores the benefits of having more women agents, the challenges they face, and potential solutions to promote their participation. It highlights that engaging women agents does not compromise performance and offers collaborative solutions for stakeholders to remove barriers and unlock the full potential of women in the DFS ecosystem.