Sara Murray

Project Research Lead

Sara Murray supports CGAP’s work on inclusive finance in fragile countries, leading engagement with funders and implementing agencies.

Beyond working with CGAP, Sara leads programs and research to expand economic opportunity and access to financial services in fragile and conflict-affected communities across the globe. She has led humanitarian programs, pilots, and research in countries including Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, and Yemen. Her research examines the ability of digital financial services to improve the lives of women at the last mile, and has included work on digital delivery of aid in the DRC, energy access through PAYGo financing for female South Sudanese refugees, and the uptake of mobile money after drought in Ethiopia’s Somali region. 

Sara holds a Master’s degree in International Development Management from Lund University and speaks English and Spanish.  

By Sara Murray


From Crisis to Resilience: The Role of Inclusive Finance in Fragile Countries

Inclusive finance can bolster resilience and unlock opportunities for low-income people in fragile countries. CGAP identifies three levers of change for funders: leveraging humanitarian cash transfers, understanding informal financial services, and improving local market facilitation.