Sergio Navajas

Sergio Navajas is a senior specialist at the MIF’s Access to Finance Unit, where he leads projects and research on microfinance, focusing on the improvement of monitoring systems and indicators and the development of robust legal and regulatory frameworks to enhance the industry’s efficiency and transparency.

By Sergio Navajas


Consumer Lending and Financial Inclusion in Latin America

Regulators in Latin America are starting to build regional consensus and sharing successful policies across markets on consumer lending.

Consumer Lending and Overindebtedness in Latin America

In Latin America household debt levels have been rising in recent years. Increased consumer debt level can in part be expected with growing economies. However, in several markets these debt levels may be leading large groups of consumers towards overindebtedness, and could pose a risk to economic growth, household well-being, and financial institutions with significant levels of consumer debt in their portfolios. This post examines some interventions underway to better understand the phenomenon of consumer lending and its implications.