Susie Lonie

Susie Lonie is a Digital Finance Specialist working with IFC. Susie is one of the creators of the M-PESA money transfer service. In 2010 Susie was the co-winner of “The Economist Innovation Award for Social and Economic Innovation” for her work on M-PESA.

By Susie Lonie


Digitizing Agriculture Value Chains: Seasonal Cash Flows

Examining the cash flows of coffee and sugar farmers in Uganda for a CGAP-commissioned project revealed a seasonal cycle that is unsuited to monthly accounting practices. There are many ways that financial services could be designed to assist these farmers.

Digitizing Agriculture Value Chains: Building Value for Farmers

While there are clear benefits for buyers in digitized agricultural value chains, but the value proposition is less certain for farmers.

Insights on Inactivity of Mobile Money Accounts in Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire is one of the most vibrant digital financial services markets in West Africa. But why do so many customers remain inactive?

DFS Risk: “When It Works, It’s Great; When It’s Bad, It’s Awful"

Many innovators in digital finance fail to grasp the potential negative implications or risks associated with customers using advanced technologies.

Digital Finance in Cote d’Ivoire: Ready, Set, Go!

On the surface, Cote d’Ivoire may seem like an unlikely contender to challenge the digital financial success in East Africa. However, the country has great potential to be the next digital finance success story.