Till Bruett

Till Bruett is Global Practice Lead, Financial Services and Investment at DAI and has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector, including commercial banking, microfinance, and digital finance.

By Till Bruett


Beyond Access and Usage: Financial Services for Livelihoods

Not only have financial services have changed dramatically over the last 30 years, so have the ways people earn a living.

Back To The Future Of Performance Reporting On Financial Services

There are at least four lessons that branchless banking stakeholders can take from the MFI experience when it comes to reporting standards.

G2P Starts with Government to the Poorest in Fiji

Fiji’s government is now insisting that all communal land lease payments, mostly to rural communities, must move to electronic payment. Financial institutions, government ministries and Central Banks around the region have their eyes trained on Fiji, watching the latest evidence of viable financial inclusion efforts unfold in the Pacific.

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Mobile Money in Fiji

In the world of mobile money, larger countries get all the attention. But big things sometimes come in small packages – and mobile money developments in the tiny Pacific nation of Fiji is an exciting example.

Supporting Microfinance in Conflict-Affected Areas

This Donor Brief addresses how supporting microfinance in devastated and fragile communities can be successful when donors work in concert, select qualified partners, are patient, are willing to take risks, and are prepared to pay higher costs.