Victoire Lepine

Innovations Manager, MyAgro

Based in Dakar, Victoire is the Innovations Manager at myAgro. Her role consists of piloting, evaluating and scaling innovative products and services that serve myAgro's mission of increasing the incomes of smallholder farmers. Previous to myAgro, Victoire worked at KOIS, an innovative finance advisory specializing in the structuration of impactful blended finance mechanisms. She also has field experience in East Africa, investigating the livelihood impact of market facilitation on smallholder farmers. Victoire holds a postgraduate degree focused on private sector development from Copenhagen Business School, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Warwick, UK.


By Victoire Lepine


In Senegal, Supporting Rural Women Starts with Reshaping Gender Norms

MyAgro partnered with CGAP and Dalberg Design to explore how they could expand their outreach to Senegalese women and weren’t surprised to learn that social norms were the number one barrier standing in their way.