Victoria Clause

Victoria Clause has over 10 years of experience working in the AgTech sector in emerging markets, providing strategic support to organizations designing and scaling commercially viable digital solutions for smallholder farmers. As Customer Success Manager at, Victoria provides strategic support to organizations around integrating digital training at scale to improve agents' productivity and engagement. Prior to joining, Victoria was Digital Climate Smart Agriculture Manager at Mercy Corps AgriFin where she identified and integrated innovative digital climate-smart agriculture (DCSA) partners, products and solutions into AgriFin's portfolio of engagements.

By Victoria Clause


Strengthening Rural Women’s Climate Resilience: Opportunities for Financial and Agricultural Service Providers

Rural women are critical to ensuring global food security but disproportionately vulnerable to climate change. In this working paper, CGAP and Mercy Corps AgriFin provide an overview of 10 opportunities for service providers, investors, and donors to improve rural women’s climate resilience and share examples of innovative business solutions.