Wameq Raza

Wameq Raza is an economist specializing in impact evaluation of various social safety nets. He has a BA in economics from Ithaca College, NY (cum laude), an MA in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, UK, and a PhD in Health Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Currently based in Kampala, Uganda, he is serving as the Thematic Research Head of Livelihood, Financial Inclusion and Ultra-Poverty at BRAC International.

By Wameq Raza


Reducing Malnutrition through the Graduation Approach

BRAC’s Targeting the Ultra Poor (TUP) program employs the Graduation Approach, through which participant households receive income-generating assets and training on business development, nutrition and social development. Researchers examined the effects of TUP on nutritional outcomes in Bangladesh, and results have been promising.