Banking in Layers: A Discussion with Providers at the Leading Edge


11 May 2022 8:00 am - 9:00 am EDT
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As CGAP has written about extensively, a new set of digitally native business models has emerged in financial services that are fundamentally reshaping the landscape. This session shared CGAP’s perspective on how the market structure for financial services is growing more modular and discussed the implications of that shift with a prominent panel of speakers from Grab, M-PESA, Kaleidofin, and DaviPlata. The session emphasized the potential implications for financial inclusion as well as for financial service providers.


This event is part of CGAP's four-part series, "The Digital Evolution of Financial Services: What Have We Learned So Far?"

Key Resources

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Philip Chew

Philip Chew | Managing Director, Grab Financial Group

Philip Chew is Managing Director of Grab Financial Group. Phil and his teams are responsible for group strategy, partnerships, investments and the creation and cultivation of new businesses for Grab's financial services. Starting with Insurance (GrabInsure) two years ago, Phil's teams have most recently launched GrabInvest with its inaugural retail product called AutoInvest and Grab's Payments Gateway (GrabLink) in 2020. With more than 23 years in financial services, Phil spans private equity, public markets, derivatives and alternatives as a practitioner and an executive.

Laura Crow

Laura Crow | M-Pesa

Laura Crow leads M-Pesa’s product innovation in credit, insurance, savings and wealth management; responsible for the teams developing platforms which the 7 M-Pesa markets can commercialise. This includes beta deployment of a new credit marketplace which aims to provide better competition and more tailored offerings to customers underpinned via a responsible lending approach. Laura has been at Vodafone for 13 years, with other roles dedicated to their Emerging Market footprint in Consumer Services and External Affairs. Previously Laura worked at two consultancies focussed on business practices and human rights.

Puneet Gupta

Puneet Gupta | Co-Founder and Director, Kaleidofin

Puneet Gupta is Puneet is Co-Founder and Director of Kaleidofin. He comes with 20+ years of experience in the banking sector. Having started his career with ICICI, Puneet put his passion for financial inclusion to co-found and leading IFMR (now Dvara Finance) for 10+years. As a veteran social entrepreneur in the field of Microfinance, Puneet has a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the issues faced by customers in this sector. In building the company and platform, Puneet draws on his experience in microfinance, including his many years in the trenches on the frontlines of poverty. Puneet is a champion of harnessing the power of technology to make finance more accessible.

Margarita Henao

Margarita Henao | CEO, DaviPlata

Margarita Henao is CEO of Daviplata at Banco Davivienda, playing a key role in developing and advancing strategies to promote financial inclusion and banking modernization through digital transformation. For seven years, she has successfully led the strategy and positioning of Daviplata as the largest fintech companies in Colombia. Today Daviplata has more than 14 million clients and is recognized as one of the most important native digital solutions in Latin America with world-class innovations.

Xavier Faz

Xavier Faz | Lead, Business Models, CGAP

Xavier Faz is the lead for CGAP’s work on technology and business models in digital finance. His area of work includes emerging technologies, fintech and digital banking, as well as open platforms. He is also CGAP’s Regional Head for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Peter Zetterli

Peter Zetterli | Senior Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP

Peter Zetterli is a senior financial sector specialist and team lead for CGAP’s initiative on the future of financial services. His work focuses on understanding what new business models are emerging thanks to technology innovation and how to harness it for broader and better financial access. The team has published extensively on the transformative potential of fintech, platforms, and digital banking models as well as the unbundling and embedding of financial services at Before joining CGAP in 2011, Peter worked for the United Nations in China and Sierra Leone on microfinance and business-led approaches to development.