Why a Regulatory Sandbox? Insights from Regulators in Kenya, Morocco and Philippines


10 November 2020 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
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In this webinar, the following panel of experts discussed how to implement a regulatory sandbox or whether to choose an alternate tool. Three regulators provided insights from their practical experiences with new approaches to managing financial innovation.

  • Welcome remarks by Greta Bull, CEO, CGAP 
  • Shamiah M. Wyckliffe, CEO, Capital Markets Authority of Kenya
  • Hakima El Alami, Director, Central Bank of Morocco
  • Melchor T. Plabasan, Director, Central Bank of Philippines
  • Sharmista Appaya, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank Group
  • Schan Duff, Senior Policy Advisor, CGAP
  • Moderated by Ivo Jeník, Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP

Listen to the audio recording:

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Regulatory sandboxes have attracted significant attention for their potential to empower financial regulators struggling with fast-paced innovation. This webinar will explore three unique perspectives from the field. The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya decided to implement a regulatory sandbox, and after one year, the first firms have successfully graduated. The Central Bank of Philippines, which pioneered innovative regulatory approaches to mobile money over a decade ago, is now updating its toolkit with a sandbox-like approach. The Central Bank of Morocco, after evaluating different regulatory tools, decided not to implement a sandbox but rather to focus on other initiatives. These three regulators will explain their strategic decision-making process and offer practical insights into questions faced by regulators all around the world: Should I set up a sandbox? What type? How do I make it a success? What are the alternatives?

Event Resources

We will be joined by the leading experts and authors on fintech regulation -- Sharmista Appaya from the World Bank, and Ivo Jeník and Schan Duff from CGAP.

How to Build a Regulatory Sandbox: A Practical Guide for Policy Makers by Ivo Jeník and Schan Duff

How Regulators Respond to FinTech: Evaluating the Different Approaches – Sandboxes and Beyond by Sharmista Appaya, et al.

CGAP Collection: Regulatory Sandboxes: A Tool for Fostering Financial Inclusion