Research & Analysis

CGAP Phase IV Mid-Term Evaluation

CGAP Phase IV commenced in July 2008 and continues until June 2013. This mid-term evaluation covers the period 1 July 2008 through 30 June 2011. The evaluation was commissioned by the CGAP Council of Governors as a requirement of the World Bank Group’s Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) for the Global Partnership Programs.

The evaluation focused on four areas: i) CGAP’s external and internal contexts; ii) relevance; iii) effectiveness; and iv) CGAP management and governance. To do justice to CGAP’s contributions over time, this report distinguishes between the performance of CGAP as a whole (sometimes referred to as the CGAP entity in this report) and the CGAP Phase IV program.

This revised report reflects feedback from the ExCom and CGAP staff between February and April 2012.