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Customer Experience Toolkit

Positive customer experience is tangible. It’s simple, flexible, intuitive, and, most importantly, fits the needs of customers. Financial service providers now have a great opportunity to create value by designing and delivering customer experience based on a granular understanding of needs, which creates value as customers choose and use their products and services.

However, a large proportion low-income customers currently do not use their accounts, and two billion people around the world remain excluded from the formal financial sector. CGAP believes that a lack of customer focus by financial service providers is a primary cause of these disparities.

The CGAP Customer Experience Toolkit equips organizations to create empowering customer experiences. The hands-on approach helps practitioners identify and implement a customer experience project within their organization – large or small – and advocate for it with leadership. This toolkit is the only such resource that specifically targets the financial services community with a focus on unbanked and underbanked customers.

The Customer Experience Toolkit offers learning opportunities through four main areas:

  • Tools: Robust key frameworks, project planners, and design method to help organizations integrate and manage customer experience initiatives.
  • Experiments: Practical exercises to help financial service providers get closer to customers and add customer experience as a core competency.
  • Case Studies: Evidence of the value of customer experience from organizations that have invested in this approach and its methods.
  • References: Curated research and reference materials to build internal knowledge and help increase the impact of customer experience within an organization.

This toolkit and its accompanying workbook serve as practical and useful guides, no matter where an organization finds itself in the journey toward a customer-centric business model or where employees and leadership sit within an organization.

Accompanying workbook

CGAP Customer Experience Workbook
9 hands-on tools and 18 practical experiments that directly immerse teams and leadership into customer experience work. Use in conjunction with the Customer Experience Toolkit.