Careers at CGAP

Working at CGAP means an opportunity to learn about new trends and developments that affect access to finance, and to engage directly with the financial institutions, funding organizations, government policymakers and regulators, and other actors – including low-income clients themselves -- who are concerned about building inclusive financial systems. It is also an opportunity to interact and explore synergies with a broad range of development organizations that are focused on alleviating the many dimensions of poverty.

Job applications for CGAP staff positions are facilitated through the World Bank website and any current CGAP openings are also listed below. Consultancy positions are also listed below. For additional job listings at other organizations, please visit Findev Gateway.

Women's Financial Inclusion (Consultant - 20 days)

The scope of this assignment is to set CGAP up for potential future work by conducting a series of explorations that will help to determine if and how CGAP is well positioned to complement existing efforts on policy guidance for enhanced women’s financial inclusion. CGAP’s interests lie particularly in exploring the role of social norms in women’s financial inclusion, and how regulation might better account for normative dynamics. This assignment will help to identify appropriate contexts in which such guidance would be welcome, and would lead to measurable impact.

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Closing date: May 23, 2022, 11:59 pm EST

FinEquity Facilitator (Consultant - 150 days)

As part of the influence model of its gender strategy CGAP convenes FinEquity, which is the community of practice to advance women’s financial inclusion globally. FinEquity currently has a reach of over 4,500 individuals globally and uses various digital platforms and in-person events to promote knowledge sharing, learning, networking, and collaboration between members. The facilitator is responsible for ensuring FinEquity remains a trusted convenor and thought leader in Women’s Financial Inclusion, identifying appropriate issues, producing quality outputs, and engaging with relevant partners.

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Closing date: May 27, 2022, 11:59 pm EST

External Affairs Officer (2-year staff position)

The External Affairs Officer will play a core role in planning, developing and implementing effective communications and outreach strategies and developing compelling content. They will bring creativity and insight to packaging and promoting CGAP’s financial inclusion research using a wide range of methods including blogs, publications, videos, social media, e-newsletters, webinars and podcasts. The successful candidate will be a member of CGAP’s communication team and will also work closely with several work streams at CGAP, serving as their communications advisor and supporting them by developing influential communications strategies, knowledge products, and events. 

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