Assessing Gender Mainstreaming at CGAP: 2024 Assessment Report

Assessing Gender Mainstreaming at CGAP

The 2024 assessment report summarizes findings from an assessment of CGAP’s gender mainstreaming efforts. The assessment was commissioned by CGAP’s leadership team and was conducted in March 2024 by Joanna Ledgerwood. 

The assessment looked at the four focus areas of gender mainstreaming: strategy, operations, staff and consultant capacity incentives, and accountability systems. 

A successful mainstreaming of gender means that at least 80 percent of CGAP’s portfolio of work is designed to contribute to women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment. More specifically, CGAP aims to:

  • ensure a gender lens is incorporated across its work
  • generate insights that ultimately lead to greater women’s financial inclusion
  • influence the financial inclusion ecosystem – including governments and regulators, donors and funders and financial service providers – to adopt a more gender-inclusive approach.

The assessment enables CGAP to assess progress in gender mainstreaming and to continue strengthening the gender focus in the coming years. Specific actions are proposed in the Management Response to the Assessment Report.

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