CGAP Annual Report 2015

This annual report documents CGAP's progress and activities in fiscal year 2015.

Fiscal year 2015 marks the second year of CGAP's five year strategy and our portfolio of nine initiatives. Each initiative was established based on a clear purpose to detail the barriers that prevent financial inclusion; to articulate an upfront plan to remove barriers to change and to define CGAP’s role to bringing about this change; and to be accountable for results by measuring CGAP’s contribution against time-bound outcomes.

CGAP has recommitted to our vision and mission, and we identified strategic priority areas that endeavor to explore and shape market acceleration. Our vision is a world where everyone can access and effectively usethe financial services they need to improve their lives.

Our five-year priorities are:

  • Understanding demand to effectively deliver for the poor.
  • Financial innovation for smallholder families.
  • Developing robust provider ecosystems.
  • Building an enabling and protective policy environment globally.
  • Promoting effective and responsible funding for financial inclusion.