CGAP FY 2017 Annual Report

As CGAP nears the end of its current five-year strategy, its annual report for fiscal year 2017 highlights some of the achievements of CGAP and its partners in advancing financial inclusion for poor people. In her letter, CEO Greta Bull looks both at the new opportunities brought by big technology firms entering the digital finance arena and the risks ahead of a widening digital divide that leaves behind the most disadvantaged people. 
CGAP organizes its work around a five-year strategy that is designed to help build financial systems that work for the poor. We identify emerging challenges and opportunities, we build the evidence base for potential solutions through research and demonstration projects, and we share lessons learned with financial services providers, mobile network operators, policy makers, regulators, and funders. Through each of these steps, we work in partnership with our key stakeholders and seek to scale up viable models for financial inclusion as a means to address poverty.
The FY2017 annual report reflects our work during our current strategy period, CGAP V, in each of our eight initiatives: 
  • Digital Finance Frontiers 
  • Customers at the Center
  • Smallholder Families
  • Protecting Customers
  • Inclusive Payment Ecosystems
  • Graduating the Poor
  • Guidance for Funders
  • Global Policy Architecture