CGAP FY 2018 Annual Report

As the CGAP V strategy comes to a close, we are pleased to release the 2018 Annual Report. It explores our contributions, individually and collectively, over the past five years in making financial services a valuable part of poor people’s lives. We have made remarkable progress on financial inclusion in this decade. As we wrapped up work on the CGAP V strategy, the 2017 Global Findex reported that the share of adults owning a bank or mobile account increased to 69 percent, up from 51 percent in 2011, and in the past three years alone, 515 million more people gained access to financial tools for improving their lives. In Sub-Saharan Africa, one of the world’s poorest and most underbanked regions, 10 countries reached at least 50 percent access and four countries surpassed 65 percent. Our work has contributed toward 1.2 billion people gaining access to financial services since 2011 and to rising usage rates.

Contents in this report include:

  • Letter from the CEO
  • Financial inclusion matters
  • The unique role of CGAP
  • Our Impact
  • Financials
  • Members
  • Staff