Annabel Schiff

Annabel is a Senior Manager in the Strategic Operations for Digital Finance Department at MicroSave, based in Nairobi Kenya. At MicroSave the majority of Annabel’s work revolves around The Helix Institute of Digital Finance (, which provides world-class, operational level training and cutting-edge research for digital finance (bank and mobile money) providers. With a background in marketing and branding, Annabel designed and developed the Helix Institute brand, and a marketing strategy to launch it into the global arena. Currently Annabel's work focuses on training providers on different technical areas of digital finance, providing technical assistance consultancy to providers across the developing world, and supporting the development of thought-leadership publications.

By Annabel Schiff


Consumer Risks and Rewards Amid Increased Competition in Kenya

In Kenya, product development and the growth of agent networks are moving in the right direction to provide customers with more options, but we must also remain mindful of the risks these developments pose to customers.

Building Big Backbones for Innovation

Building a network of agents across a broad geography has proved to be a huge barrier to entering the digital finance space for small or medium-sized companies. In Bangaldesh and Nigeria, industry giants are building the channels necessary to allow smaller players to get in the game.