Anton Simanowitz

Anton is a Programme Manager for the Instute for Development Studies. Anton is a socio-economist with 15 years experience in poverty-focussed development work and microfinance.

By Anton Simanowitz


Customer Perspectives on Customer Empowerment

In a context where many low-income customers are unable to access financial services, CGAP is interested in learning more about what drives customers to become more empowered.

Customer Views of Customer Empowerment Synthesis Report

This report provides a synthesis of learning from this research. Separate reports for each country provide more detailed description and analysis in India, Cote d’Ivoire, and the Philippines.

Field Guide to Obtaining Customers' Views on Empowerment

This document provides guidance for discussion with customers of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) about their understanding of “customer empowerment.

Views on Customer Empowerment: Findings from India

As part of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor’s (CGAP’s) work on customer empowerment, a series of consultations with financial services customers is being undertaken to try to understand the customer perspective on “customer empowerment.

Haiti’s Graduation Pilot Final Evaluation,Promising Results

At the pilot stage, the program has demonstrated significant positive impact upon the lives of its members with 97% per cent of the 150 women that participated “graduating” out of the program.