Anushka Ratnayake

Anushka is the Founder and Executive Director of myAgro. She was an early employee at both One Acre Fund, where she served as the Director of Innovation and Core Programs, and, where she created the Kiva Fellows Program. Anushka has received recognition from Mulago Foundation, Echoing Green, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, and The Tech Awards.

By Anushka Ratnayake


Helping Smallholders Buy Inputs, One Scratch Card at a Time

What if there was a way to construct a digital finance product that was based on habits and behaviors that are already part of smallholders’ lives? There is: Meet the myAgro scratch card model.

myAgro, HCD, and Supporting Smallholder Savings in Senegal

myAgro, CGAP, and are partnering to use human-centered design to further align product offerings in Senegal with smallholders’ behaviors, needs, and aspirations.