Daniel Rozas

By Daniel Rozas


The Art of the Responsible Exit in Microfinance Equity Sales

This paper seeks to explore the concept of a responsible exit along four strategic decisions: the timing of the equity sale, buyer selection, the governance and use of shareholder agreements to achieve social objectives, and how social and financial returns are balanced when selecting among bids.

Introducing MIMOSA: Microfinance Market Capacity Measurement Tool

The MIMOSA is a knowledge tool to estimate credit penetration in markets across the world.

Can Self-Regulation Protect Microfinance Clients?

Effective self-regulation rests on two key components: a transparent and consistent standard to measure compliance and a credible mechanism to ensure that it can be enforced. Smart Certification provides that standard. What could provide its enforcement?

Foreign Capital Investment in Microfinance:

Despite the financial crisis, in the past four years foreign investment in microfinance, including both debt and equity, has quadrupled to reach US$13 billion.

Indian Microfinance Goes Public: The SKS Initial Public Offering

On 28 July 2010 SKS, India’s largest microfinance institution (MFI) with 5.8 million clients, became the first MFI in India to float its shares through an initial public offering (IPO).