Dave Grace

Dave Grace is the Managing Partner of Dave Grace & Associates an international consulting firm which focuses on financial cooperatives, supervision, deposit insurance and financial sector strengthening. Its clients include CGAP, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Alliance for Financial Inclusion, United Nations, Center for Financial Inclusion, financial cooperative associations, and central banks. Dave was Senior Vice President for the World Council of Credit Unions for 14 years, and co-founded and served as Secretariat of the International Credit Union Regulators’ Network for 5 years. He began his career in the management development program of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Dave holds an M.A. in International Affairs and Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.

By Dave Grace


Deposit Insurance and Digital Financial Inclusion

This Brief summarizes issues relevant to deposit insurance arising from emerging digital stored-value products and offers three distinct approaches for countries to consider.

How Can Indirect Deposit Insurance Work in Digital Finance?

It is increasingly important to ensure that digitally-stored funds are protected against the failure of institutions offering these products. The indirect (or 'pass-through') approach to deposit insurance is raising questions with big implications for financial inclusion.

Deposit Insurance for Digital Financial Products: 3 Approaches

Countries have adopted three approaches to addressing digital "deposit-like" products when it comes to including them in the deposit insurance system.

Three Questions for Determining if a New Product is a Deposit

This first post in a new series on deposit insurance and digital financial inclusion focuses on the basic, but not easy question, of how to define a “deposit.”