David Crush

David is an independent development finance professional currently working with CGAP on microfinance and COVID-19 responsiveness. His career to date includes Barclays Bank, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. He has worked extensively on sovereign lending, debt restructuring, global health finance, infrastructure project finance, as well as financial inclusion and financial sector advisory in Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean in particular.

By David Crush


Which Kind of Microfinance Institutions Can Serve Women Best?

CGAP and MFR analysis of 300+ MFIs explores the trends, challenges, and successes in closing the gender credit gap for smaller borrowers and identifies optimal designs for supporting more women clients, more equitably, and in more parts of the world.

In a Post-Pandemic World, How Healthy Are MFIs?

CGAP analysis with MFR of MFIs post-COVID suggests that there seems to be a cluster of institutions still experiencing high credit risk, and unfortunately, the smallest institutions seem to be facing the biggest problems.

What Have We Learned from Recent PAYGo Off-Grid Solar Analysis?

CGAP and partners recently performed a sectoral analysis of PAYGo off-grid solar firms, with initial insights shared here. The work has greatly contributed to standardization, clarifying the investment opportunity and encouraging further funding.

Reflection: Coordinating Responses to Microfinance Solvency Challenges

The reverberating effects of COVID-19 continue to pose challenges for segments of the microfinance sector. Here are three areas where a coordinated response among microfinance stakeholders will be important going forward.