Denise Dias

Lead Financial Sector Specialist

Denise Dias works primarily for the Policy Pillar at CGAP. She's specialized in prudential and market conduct financial regulation and supervision with focus on digital finance and payments. She has collaborated with CGAP since 2007, both as a consultant and as a staff member, including as manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ms. Dias has over 16 years of experience with policy, regulation and supervision, and has acted as a bank examiner in the Central Bank of Brazil (prudential and market conduct). Prior, she founded and managed an internet marketing business in Brazil, and audited government programs for the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. She also works with other organizations such as the World Bank, GIZ, and Bankable Frontier, and frequently acts as a Program Leader for the Toronto Centre.

Ms. Dias holds an MBA in international banking and finance, an MBA in financial sector economics, and a bachelor’s degree in business. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

By Denise Dias


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