Inez Murray

Inez Murray was appointed chief executive officer by the Global Banking Alliance’s board of directors in November 2012. As CEO, Inez, who had previously served the GBA as Vice Chair of the board, is responsible for setting the strategic direction, implementing the board’s vision, and overseeing the GBA’s day-to-day operations. She is a globally recognized expert in women’s economic empowerment, speaking and publishing widely on that topic, and is also a seasoned executive with nearly 20 years’ experience running complex global projects, incubating new initiatives, and raising more than $20 million in funding from public and private sources.

By Inez Murray


Catalyzing Women’s Financial Inclusion: The Role of Data

For governments, the collection of sex-disaggregated data begins
 a virtuous cycle, where its availability informs stronger, evidence-based policymaking and helps regulators evaluate the effectiveness of policies intended to promote financial inclusion.

Do We Need Pink Check Books?

Women think and behave differently than men when it comes to financial matters. These differences have major implications for product design and marketing strategy.