Ivo Jenik

Financial Sector Specialist

Ivo Jenik is a financial sector specialist at CGAP. He has 10 years of experience in finance, primarily in retail financial services regulation. He has led CGAP’s work on regulatory innovation (crowdfunding, regulatory sandboxes) and capacity building for policy makers (regulation and supervision of digital financial services) across continents.

Before joining CGAP, Mr. Jenik worked in the Responsible Financial Access team at the World Bank, where he specialized in financial consumer protection and alternative dispute resolution. His professional experience spans across both the private and public sector, including serving as a compliance officer at an investment company and as head of the Collective Investment Department at the Czech Financial Ombudsman.

Mr. Jenik has a Master’s degree in Law from Columbia Law School in New York and a Master’s degree in Law from Charles University in Prague.

By Ivo Jenik


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