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Open Finance Self-Assessment Tool and Development Roadmap

Read the Working Paper: The Building Blocks Supporting Open Finance


  • This technical guide introduces a self-assessment tool that provides policy makers with practical tools to use when considering an open finance regime to advance financial inclusion and outlining a development roadmap to guide the implementation process.
  • The tool uses input provided by the user (a regulator, central bank, or sector support organization) to produce an intuitive two-dimensional matrix that helps define readiness of the market for open finance and identify implementation steps. 
  • The technical guide includes a link to access the self-assessment tool – an Excel spreadsheet configured for the input from the user to produce the self-assessment analysis and highlight areas for further work.

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Open finance can be a transformational enabler to unleash the power of data to increase financial inclusion. Data-driven strategies and open finance ecosystems can revolutionize access to financial services, especially for underserved communities.