Jamie Anderson

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Jamie Anderson is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist focused on understanding and reaching key client groups, such as women, youth, vulnerable rural households, and forcibly displaced persons and refugees, in financial inclusion. Previously Ms. Anderson led CGAP’s demand-side research with smallholder households—including overseeing national surveys in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, and Bangladesh and financial diaries in three markets in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Pakistan—and dissemination of results on the CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub.

Before joining CGAP, Ms. Anderson worked as a technical adviser in Rural Finance at the International Fund for Agricultural Development and as an independent consultant in rural and agricultural finance for the Boulder Institute of Microfinance and GIZ. Her experience in agriculture is both on-farm in fresh-market organic vegetable production and in research with the University of California Small Farm Center.

She has Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and International Agricultural Development at the University of California at Davis, and an undergraduate degree in French from the University of Virginia.

By Jamie Anderson


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