Jan Chipchase

By Jan Chipchase


Savings in Afghanistan: Gold, Grain, Goats...and Banks?

A small team from frog, a design and innovation consultancy, traveled to Afghanistan in 2012 to research attitudes and practices towards savings in Afghanistan. Through fifteen in-depth interviews, the team discovered that access and liquidity are key factors of Afghan financial products.

From Banker to Service Designer

We believe that the key barrier to financial inclusion for the poor is one of design—of how financial products are created and positioned in the market, which consumers are targeted and how delivery channels are utilized.

For Mobile Banking, Lessons from Research into Illiteracy

The UN estimates that there are approximately 800 million illiterate consumers worldwide and in addition not all consumers use products that support their primary language. To what extent do designs need to cater for, or specifically design for the illiterate?

What Good Is Mobile Banking if the Phone Isn’t Charged?

Driven by mobile phone customer needs, neighborhood vendors with mains electricity and/or access to a power generator typically offer mobile phone charging as a value added service.

Mobile Banking Iptake: Sim Card vs. Phone, Ownership vs. Use

Is it possible to experience the core benefits of mobile phone ownership without having a mobile phone?