Jennifer Isern

By Jennifer Isern


AML/CFT: Strengthening Financial Inclusion and Integrity

Over the past 30 years, access to formal financial services for low-income people has increased dramatically. However, misguided efforts to reduce criminal behavior threaten to slow the pace of that progress.

Access to Finance in Nigeria: Microfinance

Given significant financial sector reforms and private sector innovations, there are encouraging signs that access to finance is poised for growth in Nigeria.

Appraisal Guide for Microfinance Institutions

This publication includes a technical guide with essentials for an appraisal; a resource manual; and a spreadsheet to generate summary tables.

Making Money Transfers Work for Microfinance Institutions

This Technical Guide helps financial service providers determine whether they should offer money transfer services.

Sustainability of Self-Help Groups in India: Two Analyses

This Occasional Paper reports on two separate studies of SHG programs. Part I looks primarily at the financial viability of SHG programs. Part II proposes a methodology for designing SHG programs to ensure their sustainability.