Juan Carlos Izaguirre

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Juan Carlos Izaguirre is a senior financial sector specialist working on emerging regulatory and supervisory issues in digital finance and financial consumer protection frameworks focused on customer outcomes. Mr. Izaguirre has over 15 years of regulatory and supervisory experience, primarily in banking, financial inclusion, consumer protection, and deposit insurance. In the past five years, he worked with national, regional, and global actors to develop and adopt guidance that enables financial inclusion while preserving stability, integrity, and consumer protection.

Before joining CGAP, Juan Carlos was a founder of the World Bank’s Global Program on Financial Consumer Protection, where he co-authored Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection and led technical assistance in Africa, Latin America, East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Previously, he was a prudential and conduct supervisor at the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance, and Private Pensions of Peru.

Juan Carlos has a Master’s degree in International Relations and Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, a Master’s degree in Finance from Universidad del Pacífico of Peru, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has trained banking and microfinance supervisors at the Toronto Centre, Financial Stability Institute, and Boulder Institute of Microfinance. He is fluent in Spanish.

By Juan Carlos Izaguirre


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