Karishma Huda

Karishma is Senior Social Policy Specialist at Development Pathways. She was formerly Research Manager at the Brac Development Institute, and managed the qualitative research for the Graduation Programs.

By Karishma Huda


Understanding What Works: Why Qualitative Research Matters

Why invest in qualitative research, given the rigorous impact results from the RCTs? Taking a long, deep look into the lives of program participants is essential for understanding the nuances behind the RCT results.

Voices from the Poverty Trap

Qualitative research gives us deep insight into how the participants of the Graduation program experienced change.

The Faces of Graduation

The essence of the qualitative research series are the participants themselves. Get to know the faces of graduation. Read their words, and become acquainted with their stories.

Haiti’s Graduation Pilot Final Evaluation,Promising Results

At the pilot stage, the program has demonstrated significant positive impact upon the lives of its members with 97% per cent of the 150 women that participated “graduating” out of the program.