Leona Mathias

Data Analyst, Decodis

Leona is a Data Analyst at Decodis and, being an excellent problem-solver, she is fundamental at helping the team manage, analyze and visualize data in the most efficient way possible. With Pravarakya and Dhanashri, she helps develop ever-improving ways of automating data collection and analysis. Before joining Decodis, Leona worked with a consulting company in Mumbai where she contributed to the development and implementation of a credit scorecard model using SQL, among other achievements. Leona graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in the field of Information Technology. She is currently based in Mumbai, India.


By Leona Mathias


Social Media Monitoring to Assess Consumer Risks in Digital Credit Apps: Guidance for Supervisors from an India Pilot

To better understand the digital consumer credit and the risks they pose for customers, this reading deck contains supervisory guidance on the use of a branch of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), for social media monitoring. It is based on insights and lessons from an India pilot and provides examples of social media analyses carried out as part of that pilot.