Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Lesley-Ann Vaughan works with CGAP's Customer & Provider Solutions Team to push the frontiers of digital finance.

By Lesley-Ann Vaughan


Technology Building Blocks for an Open API Strategy

This slide deck is designed to help business leaders who are not IT specialists learn how to make informed decisions about the technologies supporting their open APIs.

From Integrations to Innovation: Implementing an Evolving API Strategy

Get started with your open API strategy by following the tips in this 4-page guide, including five actions every digital financial services provider should take early in its API journey.

Connecting the Dots: Interoperability and Technology

For interoperability to work, technology must do more than move transactions from Point A to Point B. It must be optimized to ensure security, encourage use, promote innovation and handle the inevitable time when something goes wrong.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls Along the Journey to Open APIs

Payments providers can grow revenues by allowing third-parties to create apps that leverage digital payment platforms, but the potential for reward comes with risk. Taking a "maturity model" approach can help providers avoid common pitfalls.

Digital Rails

Get a more detailed introduction to open APIs — what they are and how they can unlock innovation in digital financial services ecosystems — in this e-book.