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Technology Building Blocks for an Open API Strategy

For financial services providers looking to open APIs, the right combination of people, processes, and technology is essential. Too often, however, business leaders do not engage on key technology considerations, and business strategy is kept separate from technology strategy. This can lead to technically unreliable solutions that require intensive, ongoing technical support and create financial risks that need to be managed when things go wrong. This deck aims to bridge the gulf between the business leaders responsible for overall open API strategy and the technology decisions that need to be made.

It will help business leaders:

  • Be clear in what they are expecting of the IT team and why
  • Have confidence they are asking the right questions
  • Guide the open API strategy so that it moves the organization toward digital transformation rather than simply to a digital version of “as is” thinking

This deck is part of a collection of practical tools and resources that CGAP is publishing on how financial services providers can open APIs successfully in developing economies.