Lucy Kaaria

Lucy Kaaria joined CGAP as a consultant in 2019 to research the potential of targeted financial services to maximize the benefits of the gig economy for the young and marginalized workers, especially women. Lucy brings in 13 years of experience, including eight years  in financial inclusion and development research. Lucy is a co-founder at Hopawi Management Consulting Limited. Previously, Lucy worked with InterMedia Survey institute as a country manager for the Financial Inclusion Insights program.

She has worked and managed customer-centric research projects using both qualitative and quantitative approaches across various African countries and South Asia. She was part of InterMedia Survey Institute team that executed CGAP's demand-side national surveys for smallholder households in Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire. Lucy is a Ph.D. candidate in population studies at the University of Nairobi.

By Lucy Kaaria


COVID-19 Exposes Risks and Opportunities in Kenya's Gig Economy

Gig workers in Kenya report major disruptions to business and depleted savings due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), while platforms signal eagerness to facilitate government-to-person payments or loans to hard-hit workers.