Michel Hanouch

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Michel Hanouch currently leads CGAP´s work on climate adaptation and resilience for financial service providers (FSPs) and their customers. This work explores strategic considerations for FSPs across risk management and product innovation, as well as the operationalization thereof. Previously, Michel led CGAP´s work on open APIs in financial inclusion.  
Michel is an experienced leader with deep expertise on the use of technology to profitably deliver financial services to hard-to-reach customers at scale. He has 20 years of experience working across strategy consulting, technology (Amazon Web Services) and international development. He has a breadth of experience, delivering strategic projects spanning product, channel, and business model innovation; digital transformation; customer experience; data; fund raising; regulation; sustainability; pricing and more. Michel has worked with C-level executives at banks, telcos, fintechs, platforms, payment companies, and regulators across 20+ countries.  
Michel has a Master’s degree in Economics, and an Honour’s degree in Economic Science, both from the University of Witwatersrand. He is based in Madrid, Spain. 

By Michel Hanouch


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