Nathanael Goldberg

Nathanael Goldberg directs IPA's Social Protection Program, which uses rigorous evaluations to improve and scale safety nets and livelihood opportunities for the poor. Most recently he managed IPA's Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative, a set of seven evaluations of holistic programs designed to enable the poorest households to develop sustainable livelihoods. Previously, Nathanael served as chief of staff of the Microcredit Summit Campaign where he supervised industry-wide data collection and led the organization of microfinance industry conferences. He has a BA in economics from Wesleyan University and an MPA in international development from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.

By Nathanael Goldberg


Eliminating Extreme Poverty

Continued reduction of extreme poverty will require targeted interventions to help the poorest increase their standard of living. Effective social protection programs are critical to this effort. Livelihood development programs, lump-sum cash transfers, and graduation programs have the potential to help the very poor increase incomes to move out of extreme poverty.

The Graduation Approach: What’s Next on the Research Agenda?

Results from an in-depth impact study on the Graduation Approach were strong. As Graduation programs are scaled up in India, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and elsewhere, what should researchers study next?