Oya Pinar Ardic

By Oya Pinar Ardic


Closing the MSME Credit Gap for the Informal Sector

An estimated 80 percent of enterprises in developing economies - approximately 280-340 million - are informal firm. Bringing these enterprises into the formal sector requires specialized approaches, due to the varying degree of informality across countries.

Closing the Credit Gap for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Micro, small and medium enterprises face many obstacles in developing countries, but access to finance remains by far the most cited obstacle experienced by firms trying to formalize, grow and increase productivity.

Financial Inclusion: Blurred Lines, Sharper Vision

Financial Access 2012 shows a clear—albeit nascent—recovery from the financial crisis, with growth rates of both deposit and loan penetration picking up. The world as a whole had 47 ATMs and 17 commercial bank branches per 100,000 adults in 2011.

Financial Access 2012

The annual Financial Access report aspires to include data on an increasing number of financial service providers. Financial Access 2012 builds on the work done in Financial Access 2009 and Financial Access 2010 to provide new data on financial access.

Financial Access 2011: An Overview of the Supply-Side Data Landscape

Financial Access 2011 provides an overview of data sources and discusses select methodological supply-side data issues. It includes a discussion with leading experts on financial inclusion data.