Ruth Goodwin-Groen

Ruth is the managing director at the Better than Cash Alliance.

By Ruth Goodwin-Groen


Cashless Nigeria: Facilitating the Transition to Digital Payments

The Better than Cash Alliance released two studies covering Nigeria's journey from cash to digital payments. Digital payments are passing a tipping point in Nigeria's corporate sector, with 61% of salaries from large companies paid electronically.

Building Capacity for Retail Microfinance

This Donor Brief addresses how funding agencies -- public donors, international NGOs, private foundations, and investors -- can help meet the challenge of developing retail capacity.

How Donors Can Help Build Pro-Poor Financial Systems

This Donor Brief outlines a practical way that donors can work, individually or on collaboration, to support pro-poor financial systems that ensure permanent access to financial services for significant numbers of poor people.

Making Sense of Microcredit Interest Rates

Why do microfinance institutions (MFIs) charge such high interest rates to the poor? This Donor Brief gives donors a quick reference to use when answering questions about seemingly high microcredit interest rates. It also explains how donors can tell if an MFI's rates are too high and suggests what to do.