Sabaa Notta

Sabaa Notta is a consultant at the World Bank Group. Her work focuses on climate resilience and adaptation, microfinance, inclusive finance in fragile contexts, finance for forcibly displaced populations, and inclusive fintech. Sabaa has experience working in various regions, namely the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and East Africa. She holds a master's in public administration, development practice from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs in New York City and a bachelor's in business administration from York University's Schulich School of Business in Toronto.

By Sabaa Notta


Climate Resilience Through Financial Services: Farzana’s Story

Women, especially those in low-income countries, are faced with higher risk, greater vulnerability, and fewer tools to cope with the impacts of climate change. Financial services can empower women to manage climate risks and build resilience.

Bolstering Women’s Climate Resilience and Adaptation through Financial Services

Financial services help people to reduce the impact of and to adapt to climate-related risks. Yet women have less access to such tools. This working paper illustrates how women are differently impacted by climate change and how financial services can play a better role in strengthening their autonomous adaptive capacities to climate change.

State of the Climate-Responsive Financial Product Landscape

EMDEs are hit hardest by climate-related disasters and environmental impacts and will need a variety of financial services to adapt and grow more resilient to climate change. Are they getting them? Our product scan provides preliminary insights.

Inclusive Finance in Fragile Countries: Advancing a Vital Agenda

With 80% of the world’s poorest expected to be living in fragile countries by 2030, fighting poverty means addressing fragility. Though often overlooked, underdeveloped financial systems and financial exclusion are key aspects of fragility.

How Are Fintechs Tackling the Arab World’s $123B SME Finance Gap?

Small and medium businesses are vital to the Arab world’s economic growth but face a massive financing gap. CGAP finds that only 5% of fintechs offer financing to these businesses today. Here are some that do.