Tony Sheldon

Tony Sheldon is Executive Director of the Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale School of Management, where he is also a Lecturer in the Practice of Management. He has been a consultant to the Ford Foundation on the Graduation Approach since its inception. He has also worked as a consultant to several development finance networks and funders, including the Social Performance Task Force, the World Bank, CGAP, and Women’s World Banking. He has an AB degree from Princeton and a Masters in Public and Private Management from Yale.

By Tony Sheldon


Graduation Case Studies: An Opportunity to Learn & Scale Up

To further understand the opportunities and challenges faced by governments in the implementation of a Graduation Approach, the Ford Foundation has commissioned three case studies to examine the planning and execution of Graduation programs launched by the governments of Colombia, Peru and Ethiopia.

Adaptations of the Graduation Approach: Risks and Opportunities

Coaching has proven to be a critical component of the Graduation Approach, but it is also complex to implement. Staffing constraints often cause this building block to be trimmed, sometimes at the expense of program results.

From Extreme Poverty to Sustainable Livelihoods

This Technical Guide serves as a how-to manual for others seeking to implement the model piloted by the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program.