Data on International Funding for Financial Inclusion in 2016

Conducted annually since 2008 and in partnership with MIX since 2012, the CGAP Funders Survey is the most comprehensive source of analysis on primary sources of international funding for microfinance and financial inclusion. The 2017 edition of CGAP’s annual Cross-Border Funder Survey reports funding commitments from the 23 largest international funders of financial inclusion, representing 80 percent of the full set of over 54 international funders and 73 percent of the global estimated funding commitments for financial inclusion in 2016. International funding for financial inclusion reached a historic high of US$37 billion in 2016, marking a 9 percent growth rate from the previous year. While, in terms of volume, growth stems from public and private funding alike, the latter is growing at a faster pace (more than 16 percent from US$9.5 to US$11 billion) than public funding (more than 6 percent from US$24.5 to US$26 billion).

Full data snapshots for global and each region are available to download. Full data snapshots includes information on:

  • Major Project Themes in 2016
  • Key Challenges for Funders 
  • Geographic Reach
  • Funding by Country
  • Active Funders by Country Funding
  • Channels and Instruments
  • Funding Purpose in 2016
  • Trends by Instrument
  • Trends by Recipient
  • Looking Ahead
  • Regional Shifts
  • Projected financial inclusion portfolio size in the next three years

Global Trends

Download full global data snapshot  

Global Funding 2016

Europe and Central Asia

Download full ECA data snapshot


ECA Funding Trends

East Asia and the Pacific

Download full EAP data snapshot

EAP Trends

South Asia

Download full SA data snapshot

SA Funder Survey Trends

Sub-Saharan Africa

Download full SSA data snapshot


SSA Funder Survey Data

Latin America and the Caribbean

Download full LAC data snapshot


LAC Funder Survey Data

Middle East and North Africa

Download full MENA data snapshot 

MENA Funder Survey Data

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The CGAP Cross-Border Funder Survey shows that funder commitments to financial inclusion reached a historic high of US$37 billion in 2016.