Funding Explorer: Interactive Data for the 2022 CGAP Funder Survey

What is the Funding Explorer? 

The Funding Explorer is a set of seven interactive dashboards reflecting active international financial inclusion funding commitments as of December 31, 2022. The Explorer uses data from the CGAP Funder Survey complemented by publicly available contextual indicators.  

Users can create specific queries to understand which financial inclusion funders are doing what and where, identify gaps in demand and supply within a given market or segment, and identify potential partners/funding recipients. 

Please note that the Explorer is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. 

How to use the Funding Explorer 

Data is presented on six interactive dashboards (alongside a methodology tab) that highlight specific facets of funders’ financial inclusion portfolios. Use the labeled tabs at the bottom of the frame to navigate between them. The Explorer can be opened in full-screen mode by clicking on the expansion icon in the bottom right corner. 

The dashboards cover the following facets: 

  • Key Indicators – How much funding is going to financial inclusion and to whom? 
  • Themes – Which key themes in financial inclusion are funders targeting in their projects? 
  • Funding Purpose – Which aspects of the financial system are funders working on, and what are they doing with their money? 
  • Alignment of Funding – Is funding being directed to countries where financial inclusion indicators are lagging? 
  • Explore Markets – How much funding is going to a specific market? 
  • Explore Projects – What  are funders doing and where? 
  • Methodology – How is the CGAP Funder Survey conducted? 

Each dashboard contains a set of filters that can be used to explore specific segments of funding, such as by geography or project theme. On some dashboards, you can also toggle between 2017-2022 data. Using the filters will automatically update the results displayed. 

Clicking the “Help” icon in the upper-left corner will display instructional prompts. Hovering over different slices of the data visualizations will display more information via tooltips. Right-clicking any country datapoint allows users to view specific country indicators. 

Please note that the information in the Funding Explorer may be limited due to the funders’ institutional ability to report or any disclosure limitations. For further information, please refer to the Funder Survey methodology.  

If you have any questions about the data or would like to request a demo of the tool, please contact us

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The 2022 CGAP Funder Survey looks at the latest trends in international funding for financial inclusion. Understanding the funding landscape can support better funding decisions and coordination, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for underserved people and communities worldwide.

These data snapshots were generated from the 2022 CGAP Funder Survey, which reports funding commitments from 30 international funders, both public and private, as of the end of 2022.