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Infographic: High-Saving Youth in Smallholder Households

High-saving youth in smallholder households tend to have strong savings habits and own mobile phones, and should be an important target group for financial services providers with digitally-enabled solutions. This infographic highlights key points and market estimates from the related publication High-Saving Youth in Smallholder Households: An Untapped Market.

Smallholders infographic

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Financial service providers can leverage the strong savings habits of youth in smallholder families and their access to mobile phones to develop digital products that better meet their needs and aspirations.

Our nationally representative surveys offer an unparalleled glimpse into smallholders’ agricultural and financial lives, and now there is a quick and easy way to explore our data.

Smallholder farmers are largely unable to access formal financial institutions. Over the past 22 months, a pilot project implemented by Advans Côte d’Ivoire strove to link cocoa farmers to financial institutions by transitioning from cash to digital payments, with promising results.