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Young Women and Financial Services: Maximizing Impact

Research has shown that marginalized young women can benefit from financial services in both economic and non-economic ways. But with over half a billion women aged 15-24 in the world, the life stages, needs, and contexts of this population are tremendously diverse.

Among which segments of young women could investments in improved financial services make the most impact?

The infographic below highlights findings from a recent CGAP segmentation exercise, with more detail available in our recent blog and related video.

Infographic on Young women and financial services

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Ahead of International Women's Day, CGAP and the Global Findex team analyzed how the account ownership gender gap varies across regions and age groups.

Teenage men and women in Kenya and South Africa adopt formal savings accounts at similar rates. But when they hit their 20s, men continue to adopt formal services while women begin gravitating toward informal services. Why?

Certain life stages have a significant impact on women’s economic empowerment and use of financial services - particularly for young women.