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Banks going digital. Tech giants integrating payments into their platforms. Off-grid solar companies offering mobile education loans. Every year, the digital economy is spurring new business models and attracting a wider range of players to the financial services industry, including non-traditional actors like fintechs and social networks. This diversity of providers and business models has enormous potential to advance financial inclusion and contribute toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CGAP’s research sheds light on promising business models that leverage digital technologies to design and deliver financial solutions for low-income customers. Our work also demonstrates how increased connectivity, facilitated by tools such as interoperable payments schemes and open APIs, can make it easier for innovators to offer useful, affordable financial solutions. 

By developing business models that leverage digital technology and by building the right connectivity through strategic partnerships, financial services providers can sustainably reach more low-income consumers with useful financial solutions.  

Latest Research


National Payments Corporation of India and the Remaking of Payments

The story of National Payments Corporation of India sheds light on the quick and robust transformation of India’s payment systems. The lessons learned from the NPCI success story can be useful for policy makers in financial inclusion and other markets.

Fintechs and Financial Inclusion

Based on pilots with 18 fintechs across Africa and South Asia, this paper identifies emerging fintech innovations with potential to improve the lives of the poor. It also highlights common challenges faced by early-stage fintechs.

API Pricing for Digital Financial Service Providers: Getting Started

Learn how to devise an open API pricing strategy that supports your business objectives, generates value for API users, and aligns with market norms for pricing.

Latest Blogs


It Pays to Be Patient with Fintech Innovation

Take a look at some fintech pilots that didn't go as initially expected but yielded important insights about how to make better financial products.

These Emerging Fintech Innovations Are Centered on Poor Customers

After two years of piloting with 18 fintechs around the world, CGAP has identified several fintech innovations that advance financial inclusion.

Stepping Back: Product, Collections and Credit Risk in PAYGo Solar

While PAYGo solar companies can lower delinquency rates by improving their credit risk management practices, improving repayment starts with even more fundamental factors: having an affordable, quality product and effective collections.